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Our Architectural Design Team are Licensed Building Practitioners and experienced with alterations, additions, extensions, relocation and council consent work. Our team prides itself on being extremely professional and reliable. 

Our House Fit Plan, completed by our experienced Architectural Designers, is a basic site plan that simply determines the size and dimension of the building that will work on your site.

This service is for clients that:

  • Have engaged a surveyor.
  • Have a topographical survey.
  • Have a specific house in mind for their site or,
  • Want to determine the size and layout of what will work.

What does the House Fit Plan Include?

  • Comprehensive check of Council and District Plan rules and requirements.
  • A basic Site Plan showing proposed house and layout.
  • An email summary of what house dimension will work.
  • A 20 minute consultation with the Architectural Designer who completed your House Fit Plan to discuss the outcome and next steps.

What will you need to provide?

  • Topographical Survey from a Surveyor
  • Floor plan of existing house (All houses listed on our website have a floorplan available for downloading).

Not all land is equal, especially when it comes to land for a relocatable home. There can be many factors as to why certain houses (or any house) won’t be able to go on a piece of land, even if it seems perfect on the surface. Our Team can get their investigator hats out for you and find out everything there is to know about your land, this includes; 

  • Council restrictions and requirements 
  • Full site plan 
  • Wind zones, easements and services requirements 
  • Potential issues and hazards 

This Report is the most convenient and efficient way of finding out whether a site is suitable for a relocatable house. We can complete this Report even BEFORE you buy. This could potentially save you a lot of time and money.  

We can help you, whether you are wanting to do additional work on your house or shift a house and then do alterations. 

Our team is specialised in residential architectural design and love creating your next home. Creating the house you’ll love while using your existing dwelling to its fullest potential makes us truly unique. We believe in maximising the usefulness of the existing and complementing it with something new and exciting.  

Creativity is truly limitless. 

Building consents are the only legal way to do most building works in New Zealand. They are a requirement set by the council and all work must be compliant to the New Zealand Building Act.

In line the with the building code, all building work including the following requires a Building Consent;

  • Additions, alterations and re-piling 
  • Some Demolitions 
  • Relocations 
  • Plumbing and drainage work may require a consent 
  • Installing burners and air-conditioning systems 
  • Retaining walls 
  • Fences and walls higher than 2.5m 
  • Sheds great than 10m2 in  

Each council has slightly different requirements that need to be adhered to, the TRHCo. team is highly skilled and experienced with council requirements across the North Island. Over the years we have build relationships with the local council planners and Building Officer and know who we have to talk to get your building consent approved as fast as possible. We estimate an 8 week turn around from first contact to being able to pick up the approved plans, this includes a 20day processing time at council.   

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment defines the resource consent as “A formal approval from your council to do something that they haven’t clearly identified in their plan as either permitted or prohibited. It includes things like: 

  • Using or subdividing land 
  • Taking water 
  • Discharging contaminants in water, soil or air 
  • Using or occupying coastal space.”

Resource consents are often required for house relocations and on-site shifts, as well as for additions and alterations. 

Land usage is one of the most common reasons for requiring a resource consent when it comes to alterations, additions and the relocation of homes. Our experiences architectural designers know the all the information on controlled activities (such as the physical relocation of a house in some councils) and can acquire the right resource consent for your project.  

At TRHCo. we are big fans of on-site shifts for many reasons, your possibilities are endless, and you can achieve the following: 

  • Develop your land to increase value 
  • Sub-divide your land 
  • Make better use of space by adding a second dwelling or landscaping 
  • Add the ability to complete additions and alterations 

The Relocatable House CO. Design Team is focused on helping you achieve your goals. We can give you the right advice on what your goals should be as well as deciding on the finer details such as the new position of the house and what consents are required. We can even help you decide whether your project is feasible.  

We often get asked “What is a house re-pile? Why do I need to do this?”. 

Re-piling may be done for several reasons: 

  1. Due to movement in the land underneath your house, one side might be sitting lower than the other.  
  2. To replace old or damaged piles 
  3. To move a house to a new position on your land 
  4. Piles get renewed when you relocate a home 

Re-piling a house can be very beneficial and an opportunity to strengthen your house foundations. New foundations can ensure that the house has many more decades of life left in it and make it a safer house. Additionally, the moment a house is on temporary piles builders can access the house from underneath and add some excellent features: 

  • You can add underfloor insulation and ensure the winter stays outside. This will give your house a warmer feel as well as decreasing heating costs.  
  • You can upgrade your plumbing systems. A plumber can upgrade old pipes, and add additional pipes for bathrooms, dishwashers etc. 
  • Your old wiring can be exchanged for new and modern wiring. This will increase your property value as well as making it a safer house to live in. Old wiring can cause electrical faults and fires. 
  • Additionally, this is a fantastic way to add a whole level underneath your existing house. This can be in the form of a basement or a bottom story. 

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