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You’ve bought your house for relocation, but what happens when it arrives on your section? The truck arrives at your site in the early hours of the morning.  There are regulations that dictate when house movers can have their trucks on the roads in order to keep traffic flowing, and for the safety of other […]

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So You Want to Relocate and Renovate a Villa?   At The Relocatable House Co. we get a lot of enquiries from people who are looking to relocate a Villa to their section.   Relocating and renovating a Villa can be a rewarding experience. has some fantastic information about Villas. We think this is […]

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  At The Relocatable House Co. we sometimes hear from people that they are cautious about shifting Stucco houses because there is a perception that, due to the fact that Stucco cladding has little elasticity, the houses are difficult to move.   In our experience Stucco houses usually shift quite well – there is of […]

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