Building an ‘A’ team for your next relocation project

March 25, 2020

Right now, you’re most likely at home and may have some extra time up your sleeves. Time to reflect on a wishlist of projects you’ve been meaning to get to.

You may have land available with an unsuitable house on site. Or you may have empty land available and have been considering what to do with it. Either way, it is important to understand the range of specialists that need to be involved in a typical relocation project.

Its important to understand the services these specialists provide when beginning your project as they will assist in ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible, avoiding delays and costly mistakes along the way. By SELLING or BUYING with The Relocatable House Co. we can assist in connecting you with these service providers as needed.


Key partners involved in relocatable housing projects:


Selling your house for relocation is a slightly simpler process than buying, in that there is no land/site preparation needed. However there are key steps that need to be completed, with the support of professional service providers:

Preparing for Sale
  • Get in touch with the team at The Relocatable House Co. who will put you in touch with your local Sales Consultant. They will contact you to discuss your ideas or plans for selling your house. The first step will be to conduct a House Appraisal, to determine the viability of relocating your house. Following this, they will also provide a guide as to the possible value of the house, the best way to market it for a successful sale as well as recommending the completion of chemical testing as needed (i.e. Meth/Asbestos). If you are happy with their proposal, you can then begin to prepare your house for sale.
Getting your house ready
  • ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials) Testing – An ACM Survey needs to be completed by a certified contractor and will provide certainty as to any asbestos contamination in the property. Asbestos Contamination does not rule out selling your house for relocation as this contamination can be rectified. It is important however to understand the extent of the contamination prior to listing your house for sale.
  • Meth Testing – This is particularly important if your house has been let as a rental property or has stood empty for a length of time.
  • Professional Photography – As with any real estate, presenting the best view of your house will increase the likelihood of sale. This also includes presenting the property in a clean and presentable manner.

Once these steps have been completed, your house can be listed as available for sale, and planning for your next project can begin!



When looking to buy a house for relocation, many buyers go straight to our listings page to browse available properties. This is a little like running before you can walk! There are a few key steps that need to be considered before finding a house. Completing these will ensure you are ready to proceed when the appropriate property appears.

Getting your land ready
  • Talk to a Bank/Mortgage Broker – to assess your current and future financial position to fund your project with available cash or equity.
  • Consult a Registered Valuer – This may be required pre and post house relocation, for budgeting and finance requirements
  • Consult a Surveyor – to determine subdivision or boundary limitations given any covenants present
  • Consult a Geotech Engineer/Structural Engineer – to understand section preparation and foundation requirements for accepting permanent housing.
  • Liase with a Drainage Company/Registered Drainlayer (wastewater systems) – for quotations on your section’s requirements for connecting to council services.
  • Contact a Power Company or Solar Provider/Broadband Chorus – similar to drainage, establish what costs are involved in adding power and communications to your site.
Choosing your house
  • Work with a Sales Agent – purchasing the right house to suit your requirements – The Relocatable House Co. are here to help!
  • Contract a Licensed Building Inspector (required for building consent) – to ensure the quality and suitability of the house to be removed from its original site.
  • Lock in a Builder and Trades – to complete due diligence on the house purchase and quotations for any alterations/additions as part of the project.
  • Contact a Insurance Company or Broker – specialising in relocations, bridging coverage between house removal from original site, to on new foundations at the new site.

Design and council consent 

  • Work with a Designer/Architect – taking the original house and customising its design to make it your new home. Also preparing the plans to send to the council for consent. Our In-house Design team can assist here, with everything from design through to consents.
  • House Mover – to physically move your house from ‘A’ to ‘B’
  • Project Manager – They will ensure all parties are co-ordinated, with appropriate health and safety measures in place, and for delivering the overall project schedule. Again, our team of specialist Project Managers are here to help!

Once the house is moved to its new site

  • Lock in a Builder – to tie down foundations, and complete building works to achieve code of compliance
  • Other Trades as requiredelectrical, plumber, drainlayer to connect to essential services.


At The Relocatable House Co., our service caters for the entire journey of house relocation, so we are in contact with a number of partners that provide the above services.

We can identify who would be most suited to the needs of your project. Involving the right partners early ensures there are no hidden surprises and lets you know up-front the feasibility of developing your next dream home.

Preparing your next project:

We always recommend people interested start out by reading one of our Definitive Guides to either Selling or Buying a Relocatable House. These guides provide an in-depth look at the process of buying and selling,  and are an important read if you are doing this for the first time – particularly to see how this differs from normal house and land sales/purchases. We want your project to be a success and we like to make things simple so have made these FREE to everyone and always will.

Our team also have a range of resources – council checklists, budget checklists, house relocation process chart, and more – available on your request.

Time to research and prepare… get in touch with our team for individual advice on your project.

0508 4 RELOCATE (0508 473 562)


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