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Our aim is to help you by making the relocation process easier. We often find that people know a lot about what they would like in a house but not much about what they need. Before consent can be applied for you need to make sure you have all the relevant information for your land. We can put together a desktop analysis for your property, or the property you are looking at buying. This will help you find out about all the requirements and possibilities that the land has. Property can carry covenants and requirements in terms of setbacks, boundaries, services, building platforms, and wind and earthquake zones. Many don’t know those details, however they are an absolute must before being able to relocate. We recommend finding out this information before you buy land, however, it is not too late even if you already own the land.



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If you answer YES to any of the following questions we can help you:

  • Are you tired of trying to get the correct information from council for your house relocation project?
  • Do you want the hassle of dealing with councils removed? We know them inside and out.
  • Are you interested in handing your consent over to Relocatable House experts? We know the dangers and pitfalls involved in house relocation projects
  • Is time pressing for you? We understand the cost to you of not having your consent completed in time.

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5 reasons to use The Relocatable House Company’s Consent Services to file on your behalf:


1. We are familiar with Council requirements


2. We have strong relationships with most local Council Planners and Building Officers


3. We have an in-house draughting design team for floor plans, foundation plans and elevations


4. We have solid preferred supplier relationships with Geotech Engineers, Architects and Surveyors to ensure the best for our clients


5. We are Trained Professionals and are independently managed.




Consents You May Need Before Your House Can Be Relocated to your Site



  • Required to remove the house from an existing site. In some cases the owner may organise this. This includes capping the water and sewer services and disconnecting the power supply to the house.


  • Required for relocating the house to the new site. In some cases a Geotech Engineering Report may also be required, it is best to check with the local council.


  • A resource consent may be required by some councils in addition to the Building Consent.


  • This is required by most councils as part of the building consent application and the house must pass this inspection by an Inspector prior to the house being relocated.


Note: If you require a Building and Resource Consents, it may take up to 20 working days to be granted.