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The Relocatable House Co. is the leading provider of professional services to the relocation industry. Our skilled and experienced team can assist you with any of the following:

We buy and sell houses for relocation and do so with a system like no other. Our uniquely trained sales consultants will work with both our buyers and sellers to truly find the best solution for them. We have unmatched sales channels, with the only auction platform in the NZ relocation industry. We usually sell our houses straight from site to site, and our houses don’t sit on a storage yard. This avoids extensive weathering damage and any additional storage and transport costs. We offer sell-on behalf and buy-outright options to our sellers, to reduce risks to our sellers if required.  

Our qualified Architectural Design Service can take care of any design needs you may have. They are highly experience with relocation and on-site shift design services, which includes taking care of all the council consent requirements. Resource and building consent services are our specialty. 

Our qualified team can help you achieve your dreams with their talented and innovative architectural design skills. The team loves using existing charm and structure to create something new that ticks all your boxes.  

The Site Audit Report is a desk-top report identifying what you can do with your land (or the land you are looking at buying). In order to make informed decisions about relocation, subdivision and property development it is absolutely necessary to find out what you can and can’t do. This report is exclusive to The Relocatable House Company.  

On-site shifts are often completed to create space for sub-division or a second dwelling. The end goal can range, but generally it is a return on investment. To ensure there is a return, you must first find out how much the project might cost. This feasibility study is the perfect starting point. 

Our Project Management Team can help you with everything from A to Z when it comes to house relocation. Whatever level of management you need for your relocation project, we can help you out to make it a success. This includes service surrounding demolition, site clearance and asbestos management. 

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