Project Management 

TRHCo. has a specialist house relocation project management team that has the experience and the know-how to manage any relocation and on-site shift project. Additionally, we have an extensive network of suppliers and contractors to organise anything from site preparations, site clean-ups, connection of services to full demolitions. Our standard services are listed below; however, we can customise our project management services exactly to your needs: 

The purpose of our feasibility study is to give you a greater understanding of the costs you will face undertaking an on-site shift or home relocation project. We have many years of experience and are confident that this will give you a greater idea of your required investment. 

Our feasibility study gives you the opportunity to identify whether the project is feasible in terms of financial commitment. Additionally, whether the commitment will be financially viable in regards to return on equity.  

Our desktop report will consider a vast range of costs that you may not have thought about to ensure you are getting the best estimate possible. We use google maps to look at your site and route and our experience with house relocations to estimate costings. Please note these are Estimates ONLY and if you want the most accurate figures possible, we recommend our ‘Due Diligence Feasibility Report’. 

This report gives you the most accurate cost estimates you can receive to ensure your project is possible to complete within your budget. It looks at the costs associated to the physical move of your house from original site to new site. Our team will use set plans and layouts to find out actual costs for services. Additionally, they will look at the infrastructure and associated costs (such as trees, power poles etc that might need to be removed and or handled). Site Visits and house visits for condition reports are an additional service, please see below.  

For us, these feasibility reports are of high importance. These are low cost options to find out prior to your project whether your goals can be achieved within your budget.  

“You don’t know what you don’t know until it’s too late…Better to be well informed up front before running blind” Brent King, Project Manager 

We recommend site visits in conjunction with our Due Diligence Feasibility Report, as this will give our Project Management team a greater insight into the scope of your house relocation project. The team will often pick up on details that other people might miss. This might include access issues, boundary issues as well as issues on the road to your site. This service is charged on an hourly basis and is quoted based on the scope. 

Our full project management service can be completely tailored to your needs and wants and budget. We can handle as much or as little as you like and can include anything from initial design conception to working hand in hand with contractors and local councils.  

We believe in helping people achieve their dreams and this service is the answer to many house relocation headaches. We take the stress out of house relocation projects with our in-house team. We can cross-collaborate easily between project management, operations and architectural design making any house relocation project faster, more efficient and less stressful.  

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