Different ways to buy a relocatable house explained

August 15, 2019

At the Relocatable House Co., we cater for requirements of an extensive database of buyers; including first-home buyers, owner-occupiers with spare land, renovators and investors.

Amongst our interested buyers and customers, different levels of knowledge and experience exists relating to the process of relocating a house.  Some people reach out to us to get the job done right on their behalf, others are happy to roll up the sleeves and tackle the project themselves.

As such, our current houses available for sale are offered under different packages as outlined below based on the level of support they need and budget available. Note: all prices shown are inclusive of GST.

Here are the three ways of purchasing a house to create a home from The Relocatable House Co.:

House Plus Relocation Package

Designed to have the project done on your behalf, with minimum fuss. We will position listings in this manner where we recommend specialist experience and project management to ensure the best relocation results.

Price listed includes:

  • Purchase of the house
  • Architectural design plans completed and sent to council for consent
  • Project management services for the relocation of the house (moving costs included*)
  • Standard NZS3604 timber foundations**

These are found on our house listings with the prefix “Relocation Package”




House Only

Designed for less involved projects where it’s easier to get from A to B, and you’re prepared to take charge yourself.

The prices listed for these houses are for purchase of the house only.  If you happen to like what you see and feel you require some additional support, we are able to provide a range of design and project management services to get your project sorted.



We appraise great quality houses as part of qualifying our listings. Sometimes they require shorter time frames and suit buyers who have land now are ready to go with choosing their next house. Great bargains can be achieved by registering for our auctions and – of course! – being the top bidder at the deadline provided.


Interested in buying a relocatable house and would like further help?

Best option is to contact us and have a chat with our Sales Hub to understand your needs, and we’re happy to provide no obligation support on getting ready for buying a house.  If you’d like to read-up on the topic a little more, see our free Buyer’s Guide:

The Definitive Guide to Buying a Relocatable House

  • 6 tips for relocating any house and creating a home
  • 5-step blueprint to make relocating work for you



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