House Relocation Insurance 

Relocating a house should not be a stressful time, therefore it is important to protect your relocatable house in case of a worst-case-scenario occurring. We want to help you make this a smooth and stress free experience.

Insurance is a smart way of ensuring this.  The house mover you choose will need to have their own Public Liability Insurance for any damage they incur in the process, and you will need insurance for your house should any damage occur to it along the way.

Below you will find the basic information about the insurance we recommend to everyone who is relocating a house.

Total Relocation Insurance Package 

This insurance package is the only insurance you will require and is easy to get with our specialist insurance broker. The insurance comes into effect before the preparation work starts on the house prior to the shift and continues right through to the house being signed off with a Code Compliance Certificate.

The total insurance relocation package consists of the following two policies that are critical to your peace of mind throughout your house relocation project: 

This insurance cover is for works prior to and after the transit process. It provides accidental loss or damage insurance cover for the house prior to relocation, or if stored during transit, with cover continuing once the house has been transported to a new site. 

At the final destination, this cover continues from the moment it is lowered onto its new piles, whilst being connected to services, decks and/or stairs added, and any other agreed alterations to the house.  

This covers you for the purchase price of your house (plus freight and consent fees) from the time it is moved off its current piles, and throughout the transit process and expires as soon as the unloading of the house commences, whether to temporary or permanent foundations. 

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