Five Great Reasons to Relocate and Renovate

March 1, 2017


The quandary facing a lot of families over time is deciding on the best option to meet their changing needs when their current home is no longer ideally fit for purpose.  Traditionally people have taken to renovating, adding the necessary rooms to grow the home with the family, or they sell and buy a more appropriately-sized property in a completely new location.


However, there is a third option that can have many tangible benefits: Relocate and Renovate. R’n’R is exactly as it sounds; relocating a house to your section and renovating.


Some of the great reasons to relocate a house to their current section and renovate:

You love your current neighbourhood

You are in a familiar area with great neighbours, views, amenities, schools and other services your family is used to and moving away to find a more suitable home is outweighed by the benefits of staying put. Staying put but changing your situation could just be a dream come true.

You hold great value land currently

If you look at your property’s Government Valuation, it is often the land value that has increased over time whilst the dwelling value has not. Depending how long you’ve been in the property, paying off the mortgage whilst the land value has increased, could mean that your current house is sitting on a valuable piece of dirt that you have grown significant equity in. Relocating to make way for additional dwellings in a desired neighbourhood just might allow you to realise the full potential value in that land.

Best utilisation in the space you have

Do you have a sprawling back yard yet no longer need the space for kids?  The pool and backyard cricket have gone and now it is really just a labour of love for you and the lawnmower? Similar to unlocking the land’s value as above, relocating the current dwelling to make way for more than one dwelling could mean that your needs are satisfied with the added benefit of investment income or a property you can on sell.

Put more $$$ back into your new build

Knock down and rebuild (KDR) is definitely an option, but of course it comes with the financial cost of demolition and removal of the debris to landfill. And this is all before you can clear the ideal building platform for your new build dream home. By considering selling your old for relocation, you can potentially reverse the demolition costs giving you more money in your build budget. Imagine turning that into an upgraded kitchen or other desired features of your dream home?

The environmental and social impact of demolition

At The Relocatable House Co. we are passionate about putting more people into homes with equity – helping the new relocatable home owner to leave a legacy for future generations. We are also passionate about helping to preserve the planet for future generations by preventing a perfectly good house from ending up in landfill. How great would it feel to be a part of this solution?

At The Relocatable House Co. we can help find the best solution to suit your needs.


If you have an old house to sell for relocation we can manage the process right through to the day it leaves your section and arrives at its new ‘home’. For more information about this and how we can help you, call our team on 0508 4 RELOCATE or fill out our FREE APPRAISAL form.


If you are looking to buy a relocatable house as a family home or as an investment, we have a great range of houses for sale so visit our HOUSES FOR SALE to see what is currently available.


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