Getting to grips with the terminology

June 10, 2019

We receive a number of enquiries from people interested in buying a relocatable house to create a new home.  Our team of consultants are there to simplify the process.  They are happy discussing the ins-and-outs of the resources we provide or catering for any questions you may from your own research. 

Even so, it’s likely that everyone involved gets exposed to a number of industry terms, jargon, abbreviations and acronyms that often raise a few blanks. ‘What does this mean for me?’ is still an occasional response and maybe those potentially interested are afraid to ask at all. 

So, it’s time we take the collective knowledge of our expert consultants and explain what this means in everyday language. See our list below and how this relates to the sale or purchase of a relocatable house…

Term and description

Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) Any residential house built between 1930-2000 may be subject to asbestos and requires an assessment by ACM contractors.  There are obligations on the seller/vendor (below what is removed) and the buyer/purchaser (remainder of materials). The Relocatable House Co. Coordinates the necessary procedures to ensure all appropriate removal requirements are achieved.
Building Platform Peg-Outs Typically, four corners of the house that are identified by surveyors for where the house is to be positioned on site, as per design plans. Important for accuracy and avoid boundary encroachments and any other restrictions.
Due Diligence The period of time from when you sign a sales and purchase conditionally until a point you are satisfied with queries made and wish to sign unconditionally – committing you to the final purchase.
Easements Formal agreement through a legal document of right of access to a property – temporary or permanent.
Egress Your right to exit a property with a relocatable house, which may need access and pass-through an adjacently owned property.  May or may not be indicated in a property deed so verbal permission may be sought.
On-site shift (OSS) Uplifting and repositioning a house on new foundations on the same section of land.  Normally conducted to optimise the facing of a home or make space for a subdivision.
Finished Floor Level (FFL) and Ground Level (GL) These acronyms commonly appear up on council reports and design plans.  This is a surveyor reference to determine the ground height (elevation above sea level) and height of floor to indicate necessary clearances.
Full Relocation Package (FRP) The most simplified approach to buying. Includes sales and purchase agreement of house, architectural and design services completed and provided to council and project management of full relocation and positioning on new site foundations.
Geotech Report Formal report by an accredited engineer on the soil composition and slope of a section of land.  Important for testing the land in planning for a new dwelling, with relation to suitability of drilling and foundations.
Ingress Your right to enter a property. Commonly this includes the right to access an adjacently owned property as part of adding a relocated house.  May or may not be indicated in a property deed so verbal permission may be sought.
Site Audit Report (SAR) A service recommended by The Relocatable House Co. To be informed on what can be done with a section of land.  A document and consultation to understand space available for dwellings, restrictions on the land, and any council requirements.  Avoid unwanted and costly surprises.


This is a small selection of the common terms we pass on as new knowledge.

The FAQ section also provides more, and our team are willing to chat about any questions you have as part of our mission to make relocatable house a simple choice for those wanting to create new homes. 

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