Ready, Set, Go! | Buyer’s Guide

House relocation and removal is one of those great things that have become easier over the years. Machinery has become stronger, more versatile and incredibly intelligent. Houses can be moved into and out of impossible sites, the sky is the limit.  

House relocations can now be done not only over roads, they can even be shipped.  

Cranes and house removal trucks can move houses vertically and horizontally across areas and over obstacles.

After years in the relocation industry we have gathered all the information you need to get started. The Ready, Set, Go Buyer’s Guide will take you from “I have NO idea how to even get started” to “I got this! Let’s relocate!”.  

In each phase we will help you overcome the difficulties that can arise when relocating a house and we empower you to make the right decisions. We are in the business of educating people and this is just the first step of many that will make your relocation journey truly enjoyable while working with TRHCo.  

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