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FACT: More Houses should be sold and relocated and LESS houses should be going to landfill 

Problem: People don’t realise that their old house still has value, or at least, shouldn’t cost them money to be demolished. 

Solution: The Relocatable House Co. Relocating Houses. Creating New Homes.  

At The Relocatable House Co. we can: 

  • Give you a Free Appraisal of your house. We offer you a realistic CASH price, combined with a guaranteed date for removal.  
  • Sell on your behalf. We have a number of options available and aim to achieve what is best for you. 
  • Sell your house on our Auction Site. You can set the sale conditions and run the auction over a set period of time that you choose to give you certainty of removal. 
  • Talk you through the removal process 
  • Organise site clean up 
  • Arrange a demolition consent and manage the disconnection of services for you. 

Why Sell Your Old House for Relocation Instead of Demolition 

  1. You could save yourself $10,000 – $20,000 in demolition fees and potentially spend that money on additions to your new build.
  2. You could make money selling your old house for relocation and then combine that with the money you save from having to demolish your old house, your bank account will thank you for it!
  3. Your house can keep on living! This gives another family an opportunity to get onto the property ladder fulfilling their dream of home ownership in an affordable and sustainable way.
  4. By avoiding the demolition of your house, you get to play a part in helping to preserve our planet for future generations. Did you know that a standard 100m2 house when demolished adds approximately 25 tonne of demolition material to landfill?!

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Why Choose The Relocatable House Co 

You can be rest assured that we have done this many times before and know what is involved.

We want to make the start of your new build process run as smoothly as possible and that begins with a successful removal of your old house.

Selling your relocatable house with the leading consultants in the market gives endless benefits, including;        

  • You will be kept well informed and up to date on how the selling process is going. 
  • No more guess-work as to what the next step in your journey will be.  
  • Multiple sales formats available, giving us the ability to choose what will work best for the sale and removal of your old house.

We can offer many other services, including;    

Don’t Waste $$$ Demolishing Your Old House!