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Save Money. Make Money. Save The Environment. Make a New Home  

Our Appraisal service allows you to get a clear idea about what your old house might still be worth. Most houses will still be worth a little money. Our strong belief in working with the utmost integrity means we will not just take the house off your hands but we will pay you what it’s worth. 

We can guarantee a date for the removal of your old house and can offer you options about the selling process which include; 

  • Price by negotiation 
  • Tender process 
  • Auction on our unique auction platform 
  • Selling on your behalf, or 
  • We might even directly buy the house off you 

It’s time to book your FREE appraisal so we can get your house under the hammer as soon as possible! 

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Make the process even easier

There are a few things you can get ready before we get to your house to make your life and our lives a little easier: 

  1. Get your Asbestos Test done (this needs to be done whether you remove or demolish) 
  2. Do you have a floor plan available (If not, no problem! We have in an in-house design team) 
  3. Access to power board and to under the house 
  4. Get your house photo ready (wondering how? Read here!) 

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