The Ugly Truth about home  Demolition and why you should consider House Removal

We all know that our actions and choices can have long-term consequences. Many of which we aren’t even aware of. Demolition is very much along the lines of “out of sight, out of mind” but we cannot reiterate this enough. House demolition is NOT the best answer in many cases.

Environmental Impact of home demolition

Our growing landfill masses are probably in the back of our minds at all times. For many of us, it’s a worry we have every time we pick up our plastic bags at the supermarket or throw away another plastic wrapper. In reality, although, plastic wrappers, bags and other every day materials are a massive part of the problem. Let’s start considering big ticket items like houses.

Most houses that are demolished have at least a couple of tons of material that could be salvaged, recycled or reduced. Many of the houses that are demolished could be re-homed completely. On average a house adds 20 to 25 tonnes of debris to landfill and many landfills are already close to their limits.

Social Impact of home demolition

Every day we hear about another million-dollar suburb, our imminent or already existing housing crisis and thousands of people in poverty. Every house that is demolished makes space for a new house, meaning we are replacing 1:1. Instead, let’s relocate existing houses to empty land, let’s actually increase our housing stock. It is much more affordable to buy a relocatable home, get it shifted and do some renovation work than buying or building a new home. This opens the possibility of home ownership to a lot more people. We truly believe that more families owning their own home creates better families, better communities and better futures.

Economic Impact of home demolition

House demolition isn’t only bad for our environment, it is also a waste of money. A demolition will put you of pocket by thousands. This is money that could be better spend. Your next house building project, your kids’ education or an emergency family fund. In many cases, relocation won’t only save you the demolition cost. It will increase your existing budget. Sometimes, you can even get cash for your old house.

Emotional Impact of home demolition

If you remember long summer nights, BBQs with your parents, grandparents, cousins, aunties and uncles then you are likely to have an emotional connection to the house you are about to demolish or relocate. The emotional heartstrings people have to their houses are real and demolishing it isn’t always an option. Relocating a house means the house gets another story, more long summer nights and people will love it as much as you have.

Solution: Consider House Relocation

If you want to know more it is time to get our expert consultants to give you a FREE Appraisal on your house and get you into the next phase of house removal. You can also download our Seller’s Guide or give us a call on 0508 4 RELOCATE.

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