One man’s observation on the road to wealth.

November 19, 2014

From the desk of Richard, Managing Director of The Relocatable House Co.:

Now I know that everyone has had so much ‘get rich quick talk’ that you are full to the brim, so I am going to just pass on some wisdom from someone who has seen a bit in his day.

I was speaking with an experienced registered property valuer recently who said, “Richard, I still believe that relocating a house to a section is the fastest way to grow your equity”.

I thought to myself, I can just imagine how many property transactions and development proposals this guy has seen; how many conversations he’s had and how many stories he has to tell!  So my ears pricked up when he said that.

I would have to agree. It is a relatively low risk activity that can produce great results if done correctly.

The Relocatable House Co. specialises in helping people buy houses for relocation. We can guide you through the process from start to finish.

BUT what do I see as the biggest stumbling blocks?  Why are more people not following this proven path to equity and success?

I see two things when I talk with people who can see the merits in a house relocation project, yet don’t take action:

#1. FEAR

People fear failure. Yes, if you do it there may be some parts failure, but they are outweighed by many parts success. I am still learning and I have been involved in numerous property developments and house relocation projects.

Look at your first project as learning a new skill, which no-one can take away from you. You will have that skill for life.


It is easy to find numerous reasons not to do something because we don’t know where to start, or how to go about it.  I used to say “I can’t afford it.”, but when I understood this was an excuse and an easy way for me to not do something, I started to look at things differently and I have never said it again.

All that said, you can always find a way; you can always find money, but you must believe you can do it, too. And it is easier to believe you can do it when you have someone like the team at The Relocatable House Co. who have done it many times and who have the expertise to help you make it happen. It is now a simple decision away!

Here at The Relocatable House Co., we are dedicated to helping put more people into homes. Contact us and let’s discuss what you need to do to get a successful house relocation project underway.

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