Relocating a house should not be a stressful time!


We want to help you make this a smooth and as stress free experience as possible.


If you want to find out more about the insurance covers detailed below, fill out the form here, indicating which insurance policies you require more information about. You will then be contacted by a specialist insurance advisor who will be able to assist you further.


So now that you have purchased a house for relocation, we want to ensure you are aware of the insurance cover you will need to consider when you shift your house, ensuring that your newest asset is protected from before it leaves its original site to arriving at your section, being connected back up to the services and allowing for any alterations to be completed.


There are four basic steps for insurance cover for the duration of your house relocation project and beyond. Some of the insurance cover discussed below you will need, and some may not be required.


  • Cover for your building before the relocation process. This will cover the building for Accidental Loss or Damage for the purchase price should damage occur.
  • Transit Insurance. This covers you for the purchase price of your house (plus freight) from the time it is moved off its current piles, and throughout the transit process and expires as soon as it is lowered onto the piles at its final destination. If your house is going via storage, Transit Insurance Cover is no longer the insurance policy you need. You will need to revert back to the insurance cover discussed above, ‘Cover for your building before the relocation process.’
  • Contract Works Insurance. This insurance will take effect from the moment the house is lowered onto its new piles; whilst being connected to services, decks, stairs added, and any other alterations are completed to the house. The cover here is a Replacement Value one, so we need to know what the Replacement value of the house will be once it is finished.
  • Domestic Dwelling Insurance. Once the house becomes “habitable”, the Contract Works policy will automatically expire, regardless of the expiry date on the contract. Accordingly at this point you will need to insure the house under a Domestic Dwelling policy.


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