On-site Shifts 

Our experienced Operations and Project Management team can ensure that you achieve your goals and go the right way about it. They will help you if you need to crane the house, use a transporter trailer or if you need to skid the house over (build a mini railway to slide the house into a new position). We have a list of preferred suppliers whom we know and trust. Our Architectural Design team can help you to get all the right consents from your local Council and will ensure that your new house sits on your land in the best possible position to fit your and your families needs.

FAQs about On-site Shifts 

An on-site shift is usually done when you own a relatively large section and would like to achieve a better section layout to either add a landscape feature, a minor dwelling or subdivide and add another house. 

Largely an on-site shift is done to increase equity, meaning increasing the value for your land. Apart from the obvious benefit of that, this process can increase the housing stock available to New Zealander’s and can become part of the solution for the housing crisis across the country.  

Demolition and building new instead of doing an on-site shift is definitely an option. It can even seem like the easier solution to getting your current house out of the way.  

Demolition costs money and takes time and adds huge amount of pressures to our already at-capacity landfills. The house and all the materials would be wasted. 

Additionally, doing an on-site shift means you save money by taking something that already exists and adding value to it, instead of having to start from scratch.  

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