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At TRHCo. we care about you as our customer and about our environment. The more people we can motivate to relocate instead of building new, the more we help our planet.

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Ready, Set, Go Guides

TRHCo has a team that can cover anything from selling your house to relocating a house, project management, on-site shifts to doing your architectural design and council consent work. We have a few handy guides available no matter your project!

Our Ready, Set, Go Buyer’s Guide is ideal for anyone looking to buy a house for relocation. It covers everything you need to know from start to finish.

Our Ready, Set, Go Seller’s Guide will take a house seller through our selling process, the options available and what to avoid.

Our Ready, Set, Go On-site shift guide will take a house owner through how we manage on-site shifts, how to find out whether it’s feasible and where to get the help you need.

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