Relocating houses, creating new homes.

At The Relocatable House Co we believe more New Zealanders owning their own home creates better family environments, better communities and better futures.

Relocating houses has been in our family for decades and the goal of creating a welcoming and memory filled family home is where our journey started.

Be Bold. Show Courage.

At The Relocatable House Co. our mission is to seek opportunities to create resourceful and innovative solutions to give more New Zealanders the opportunity to have their own home, live better and leave a legacy for future generations.

We believe in being adventurous, creating change and pushing the boundaries while being true to our values and those of the people we work with. Be Bold. Show Courage.

We Live By Our Values 

At The Relocatable House Co. we live by our values.

  • through business and most importantly helping our clients with their house relocation and home ownership goals, we know we can seek and effect change in the world.
  • we believe in being adventurous and that there are no boundaries.
  • we have built The Relocatable House Co. on the foundation of being creative and innovative.
  • we are resourceful, knowing there are 100 different ways to find a solution.

A Lot More Than Just Buying & Selling Houses for Relocation

At The Relocatable House Co. we do a lot more than just buy and sell houses for relocation.

Along with our expert sales Consultants, we have an experienced team of Project Managers and Licenced Building Practitioner qualified Architectural Designers.

We specialize in:

  • Large Asset Disposal
  • Architectural Design Services
  • Additions and Aletrations
  • Building and Resource Consents
  • On-site Shifts
  • House Repiling
  • Buying and Selling Relocatable Houses

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