The Relocatable House Company Team

We’d love to introduce you to our amazing team. Get to know everyone here.

Chrissey Hutchinson

Co-Owner / Sales Development

Chrissey loves renovating! Chrissey has been involved in selling, buying, renovating and consulting on property for the past 35 years. Combine this with a passion for helping people, and Chrissey is the perfect person to help you with your relocatable house goals. With her attention to detail, she will help you achieve your house relocation goals, and what’s more, you’ll have fun working with her! Outside of the office, Chrissey is a busy Grandmother of 4 and loves to spend time with her husband Bill and her extended family.

Richard Hutchinson

Co-Owner / CEO

Richard grew up with parents who always had at least one renovating project on the go. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lincoln University, and has worked in the banking and construction finance industry for a number of years. This was where he gained vital financial and project management experience before leaving the corporate world to exercise his entrepreneurial spirit and create The Relocatable House Co. alongside his business partner and mum, Chrissey and wife Claire. Richard loves to see people achieving the ultimate Kiwi dream of owning their own home.

Claire Hutchinson

Co-Owner / Marketing & Office Project Manager

Claire comes from a varied work background – being a Registered Nurse by trade and later completing a post graduate diploma in Marketing from Waikato University. She was fortunate enough to cut her marketing teeth at the iconic NZ juice company Charlie’s where she learned a lot about Marketing outside the square! Claire project manages various marketing projects and loves to help people get started with their house relocation project by pointing them in the right direction. Outside of the office, Claire is a Mum to daughter Honor and writes children’s books about her crazy, beloved dog Brown Bear.

Craig Brierley

Architectural Design Manager

Craig is our Architectural Design Manager. With 16 years of design experience he knows what makes a great house. His passion for this industry comes from being able to stop houses from going to landfill and extending the life span of houses. There is no better ending to a family home than it getting relocated for a new family at a new site. Craig has two young sons whom he eagerly coaches every weekend and plays tennis with. Most recently he has started looking for a new site to relocate his next house. We can’t wait to see what he creates this time around!

Kim Wilson

Sales Team Leader

Our Sales Team Leader works endlessly on training and communicating with the sales team. She knows the ins and outs of the relocation industry, after having completed multiple relocations herself. Kim is one of those people that just never stop. She is incredibly passionate about helping others achieve their relocation dreams and pull off the seemingly impossible. A fun fact about her crazy attitude: She once bought a piece of land and relocated a house onto it six days later! In the rare moments she is not pulling off incredible relocation stunts, she is coaching and cheering on her 4 kids at their sports games.

Steph Dowling

Sales Team Administrator

Steph is our sales admin superstar. She knows all our processes inside and out, knows which houses are about to come on the market and keeps our sales consultants in line. With 6 years as Vet nurse and 2 years in recruitment she is a true people person, caring for those around her. Working at The Relocatable House Co. fulfils her desire to make this world a better place for future generations. She has a very active 1 year old that keeps her on her toes. Growing up in Whangamata and now living in the Bay of Plenty, she loves giving back to her community.

Sharyn Francis

Technical Team Administrator

Sharyn has come home to Tauranga after spending 6 years of being corrupted in the metropolis corporate world of Auckland! Having built a couple of houses, she’s super excited and passionate about working with the amazing team at The Relocatable House Co and creating homes for Kiwi’s. Sharyn lives by the motto ‘A day without laughter, is a day wasted.’

Brent King

Project Manager

Brent is our very own King of Project Management. He spent the last two decades in project management and consulting in the wine industry. Improving processes and catching curve balls for our clients is what motivates him on a daily basis. While travelling the world he always enjoys the beautiful local wines with friends and family and has even gotten a little too friendly with a very dangerous snake. Luckily, he survived to tell the tale!

Matt Carmichael

Project Manager

Matt has joined the team here having been a project manager for a house relocation company in Christchurch. Matt is originally from the UK, and has been living in New Zealand for the past 3 years. Matt is quite the adventurer and has hiked to Base Camp at Mt Everest so literally no mountain is too big for Matt to climb!

Sandra Smith

Sales Consultant

Brent Davies

Sales Consultant

Brent is one of our amazing Auckland Sales Consultants! He comes with 15 years of experience in sales in the machinery hire and roading industry. Brent has a wealth of knowledge about house relocation and property and feels at home with the TRHCo. values. If you need somebody who gets stuff done the man who has nearly had noise control called on him by his own partner because he was working through the night to get house renovations done, is probably the person you want on your job!

Myles Pomfret

Sales Consultant

Myles is one of our sales consultants, coming into the industry with sales experience from all over the world. The relocation industry has always been one of interest to Myles, the machinery that can lift whole houses (especially on difficult sites) is the most fascinating to him. The transformation from looking old into bringing old Villas into their former glory makes Myles get out of bed in the morning. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to tow Bill Gates and his family around on an inflatable banana boat, definitely ask Myles!

Megan Pesefea

Senior Architectural Designer

Megan, our Senior Designer, is located in our Mount Maunganui office. 12 years as a residential designer and a year stint at council, she knows how to handle council consents, RFIs (requests for information) and finding the right person within the council bureaucracy maze. Megan has 3 girls and is passionate about creating better communities. TRHCo and her job give her the opportunity to support getting more families into affordable homes and saving houses from landfill. Megan is big on family, loves going to concerts and says the following about herself: “I am not a drug dealer, don’t let the dreadlocks fool you 😝”

Duncan Scott

Architectural Designer

Duncan is one of our architectural designers and is currently working towards becoming a registered architect. He grew up on a farm and left good ol’ New Zealand after completing his first degree. Eventually he saw the light and returned home to be involved in the exciting construction and architecture industry and completed his Masters. His drive stems from saving our environment one house at a time and creating new family homes. You might find him at the beach or trawling through old records in collector stores when he is not at the desk creating family homes.

Chris Osbourne

Architectural Designer

Sonja Firby

Finance Manager

Brown Bear Hutchinson

CHO (Chief Happiness Officer)

Brown Bear the Dog is the beloved furry family member of Claire, Richard and Honor Hutchinson.He enjoys walks on the beach, eating bones, chasing rabbits and playing golf! There is never a dull moment in Brown Bear’s world where he is the star of his own children’s book – ‘An Adventure with Brown Bear the Dog.’ Everyone in the office is Brown Bear’s best friend when lunchtime rolls around, and after all the lunchtime excitement he can be found snoozing under a desk dreaming of the beach, chasing rabbits and playing golf. If you are ever in the office it is certain you will be met with a bit of fan-fare from Brown Bear! Let’s just say you’ll be subjected to a ‘lab test’! Boom! #dadjokes

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