What we stand for

At TRHCo we live by our values and all our dealings are based on integrity and wanting to change the world one house at a time.

Our Story is our people

Our story is closely linked to our roots, our heritage and where we came from. We all bring something different. We weave our stories together and it makes a powerful base for something great. 1+1 makes more than two and 10+1 gives us the opportunity to make a lasting change. We have been on this journey for a long time and we want to share our knowledge with those that care.

Our People are our values 

Our people go through this journey every day, they are the cornerstone to our business and make a lasting change. Every single person in this business is passionate about something, and those passions are what makes us good at our jobs. Our people are encouraging, kind and natural leaders. Our people are fun. Our people are innovative, curious and creative. These character traits are important in making a difference in the world and we believe our people can make that difference.  

Our Values are our foundation 

Our values make us unique. Our values are what got us started and our values are what keeps us going. We always act with absolute integrity while staying adventurous and innovative. We are willing to find 100 ways to do something, until we find the right way.  At the end of it all, the important thing is moving more people into their own homes, to inspire their dreams and help them make those come true.  It is not about us anymore, it is about using our skills and abilities to make it about our customer. 

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