House Fit Plan

Our House Fit Plan, completed by our experienced Architectural Designers, is a basic site plan that simply determines the size and dimension of the building that will work on your site.

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This service is for clients that:

  • Have engaged a surveyor.
  • Have a topographical survey.
  • Have a specific house in mind for their site or,
  • Want to determine the size and layout of what will work.

What does the House Fit Plan Include?

  • A basic Site Plan showing proposed house and layout.
  • An email summary of what house dimension will work.
  • A 20 minute consultation with our Operations Manager to discuss the outcome and next steps.

What will you need to provide?

  • Topographical Survey from a Surveyor
  • Floor plan of existing house (All houses listed on our website have a floorplan available for downloading)

PLEASE NOTE: The House Fit Plan assumes the following:

  • A house relocation is possible from an access perspective onto your site.
  • You have completed a topographical survey or are comfortable with land development and provision for services.
  • You have completed due diligence for your site and have concluded that there are no covenants preventing relocation, including provision for tree, fence and other building removal, and neighbour’s permissions.

$449.00Add to cart

More Information

Once ordered, and all relevant information is received by our team, the House Fit Plan will take up to 3 working days to complete.

If you are needing more in depth information about your site than just the House Fit Plan, be sure to check out our Site Audit Report or talk to one of our team to determine which option is best for your requirements. – 0508 4 RELOCATE (0508 473 562).

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