Site Audit Report

The FIRST STEP in UNLOCKING your land's building potential

Site Audit Report $575.00 (incl. GST)  

The Site Audit Report includes this essential site information:  

  • Comprehensive check of Council & District Plan Rules and Requirements  
  • Services (water, storm water, wastewater) requirements  
  • Council Fees related to your project 
  • Potential issues/hazards regarding your site  
  • Potential project options and opportunities on your site  
  • Conclusion and recommendations for your projects next steps
Site Audit Report Design Consents

Site Audit Report Design Consents

Site Audit Report + Certificate of Title $600.00 (incl. GST)  

All the site information in the Site Audit Report + the following:

  • Shows current Proprietor 
  • Legal description 
  • Registered rights and restrictions  
  •  A plan or diagram of the land

5 Benefits of getting your Site Audit Report 

  • Understand what kind of house can fit on your site
  • Get a greater understanding of where to position the house
  • What are the limitations are imposed by planning?
  • What is the infrastructure? This will let you know about planning restrictions, drainage issues and easements.
  • With all that information, you can start house shopping!