The MOMENT you have all been waiting for…Full Relocation Packages!

February 27, 2018

As the leading provider of professional services to the relocation industry, The Relocatable House Co is now offering houses as a Full Relocation Package! The package includes everything you require from a professional relocation specialist to get your house from A to B.

We are excited about this as we are making it even easier for people to move into their own homes and prevent more houses going to landfill. There are plenty of benefits for you as well:


  • A clear idea of what the relocation cost is going to be
  • Less uncertainties and fewer surprises
  • Easy to buy house and relocation in one which means it may be easier to get finance too
  • Knowing council consent application is done by professionals who have done it many times before
  • The house move is taken care of by the relocation experts, using trusted contractors we have tried and tested
  • You have additional options to increase our level of service to what you require

Our Relocation Package includes*

  • The house or building for relocation
  • The management and full relocation to the new site.
  • Your plans completed and submitted to Council for Building Consent
  • Delivery onto standard timber foundations (NZS3604)
  • Any required roof lowering and/or cutting of the building (and bringing it back together)

*we provide a package price online based on delivery of the house onto an easy access, flat site within 100km’s of its current location.


If your site is not within the specs of the set price we are happy to give you a quote specific to your situation. If you are not sure what you require for your site, we recommend starting by getting a Site Audit Report. This desktop analysis of your land will give you all the information you need to make a house buying decision and avoid any unwanted surprises when you get further down the track.


Our specialist relocation team will work with you to ensure that you are ready to purchase and relocate a house onto your land with assistance and advice along the way.


if you require further assistance, we offer several additional project management services to help you make your relocation adventure a success.


If you have any questions, call us on 0508 4 RELOCATE


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