We help people Buy, Sell & Move Houses for Relocation and much more

At The Relocatable House Co. we believe that more New Zealanders owning their own home creates better family environments, better communities and better futures. Our mission is to seek opportunities to create resourceful and innovative solutions to give more New Zealanders the opportunity to own their own home, live better and leave a legacy for future generations.

At The Relocatable House Co. we help people to create their dreams and aspirations through making it simple for them to buy, sell and move houses for relocation. We are the only house relocation company that has dedicated expert Sales Consultants and Project Managers, who give you the right guidance for your house relocation project. Our team is dedicated to making the buying and selling process as easy and fast as possible.


Here are some of our great houses ready to relocate for your next home or project.


Getting to grips with the terminology

We receive a number of enquiries from people interested in buying a relocatable house to create a new home.  Our team of consultants are there to simplify the process.  They are happy discussing the ins-and-outs of the resources we provide or catering for any questions […]

Wondering how to make your relocatable house evaluation rock? Read this!

Before we even come out to your house evaluation you can do a few simple things to make your life and our job much faster and easier. Asbestos Testing We know Asbestos is a big scary word. It needs to be talked about when it […]

10 ways you can make your house irresistible to buyers

Photos! The most important part of the selling process is the “first impression”. If a buyer falls in love with your house the moment they see it, it is likely to sell quickly. Photos are your opportunity to get that impressionable second and make it […]

The Importance of a Site Audit Report

If you have the following you do NOT need a Site Audit Report and there is no need to continue reading: $100,000 to waste? Too much time on your hands? Love waiting in phone cues and dealing with the council? Most of us don’t want […]